5 Simple Home Eye Care Tips for Healthy Eyes

Eyes are one of the most vital organs in human beings and most other animals. They have the ability to adjust to different rays of light and react to various stimuli. They carry out the essential function of gathering different sets of information as well as express emotions that cannot actually be expressed through words.


Because of these varied yet equally important features of the eyes, many research studies being conducted concerning the sense of sight revealed that losing one’s ability to see is one of the most feared circumstances. Besides that, many people nowadays are in search of eye doctors (ophthalmologists) who can adequately address and correct their discomforts with their sense of sight, such as blurring of vision, eye pain and headache.

To keep the eyes bright and to prevent eye related health problems, proper care and precaution should be taken.

1. Protect your eyes

One of the most important techniques in keeping your eyes in good condition is to protect them from injuries, trauma and strong glares of light that can damage the sensitivity level of the eyes. However, if such instances cannot be completely avoided due to the nature of one’s occupation or activity, one must be conscious enough to wear an eye protective gear that fits adequately for its primary purpose to be served.

2. Nourish your eyes

The best way to have healthy eyes is to eat fruits and vegetables on a constant basis. Fruits and vegetables contain natural vitamins and minerals that address the nutritional demands of the body, and nourishing the eyes is part of this. Vitamin A is known to keep the eyes healthy. But all other nutrients aid in keeping every organ, including the eyes, healthy and optimally functioning.

3. Rest your eyes

Watching too much television or facing the computer for long hours are the common habits that can gravely strain the eyes. Excessive reading, especially without adequate lighting can cause the eyes to strain as it constantly looks for light. Once the eyes experience strain, headache and gradual vision changes can eventually occur. So allow your eyes to rest.

Take a break when watching movies or have some time off from facing the computer. When reading, make sure you have adequate lighting and the prints are big enough to be read. With these simple practices, you are preventing any eye problems and discomforts from taking place.

4. Exercise your eyes

Exercising the eyes helps in maintaining a clear vision. Some of the common eye exercises include rolling and blinking the eyes alternately, making up and down eye movements, closing the eyes tightly for few seconds, gently massaging the upper eyelids using your fingers, covering the eyes with the palms, etc.

5. Pamper your eyes

One of the effective techniques of pampering your eyes is by placing cold cucumber slices over the eyes for approximately 10 minutes. This relaxes the eyes and prevents the eyes from puffing after a long day’s work.