Home Remedy for Dry Hair and Split Ends

Either because we like natural solutions and want to keep away from chemicals; or because other solutions don’t work or are too expensive, home remedies for dry hair have always been a popular option. The home remedy for dry hair that works best for you may be different from what works for someone else.

That being said, here are some of the most popular home remedies.

1. Hot oil massage your hair


Olive, coconut or almond oil are thought to have highly nourishing properties for hair so heating and applying the oil to the hair is thought to help reduce dryness. Massage the heated oil well into the scalp, from roots to tips of the hair and then wrap hair in a towel for best results

2. Use mayonnaise for your hair

If you can stand the idea of using a sandwich paste or salad dressing as nutrition for the hair, then consider using mayonnaise for your hair. Think about it – the main ingredients of mayo are oil and egg; both are great for your hair! Apply to the hair and leave for half an hour before washing.

3. Keep hair away from harsh chemicals

Chemicals, as we well know, can wreak havoc on hair; unfortunately chemicals of all kinds are likely to be come in contact with the hair. Sprays and gels that we use to fix our hair, the chlorine from swimming pools, the chemical in hair dyes and colors, those in processes such as rebonding and perming can all contribute to the dryness of hair.

4. Protect hair from heat

Whether it is heat that comes from a hot bath, from the sun or from curling tongs they can also cause drying of the hair. Strengthening or curling the hair requires heating that damages and dries out hair. Similarly baking in the sun without protecting your hair or bathing is too-hot water can also cause the same type of damage to hair, stripping it of its natural moisture.

5. Treat your hair right

Shampoo only as often as required; don’t over-shampoo since it can strip the hair. Use a good conditioner each time you shampoo, concentrating on the ends of the hair. Take regular trims to take care of scraggly split ends. Don’t brush hair too much and do not do so when wet, wait until partly dry, and use a brush with gently rounded bristles because this will prevent more oil being stripped from the scalp.

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