How to Stick to Your HCG Diet Plan

The HCG meal plan was a product of Dr. Simeons, with the aim of developing a treatment for poor villages’ malnutrition. Presently, it has become a popular weight loss plan for many plus-size women.

hcg diet plan

HCG means human chorionic gonadotropin. This is the hormone in women who are pregnant. Dr. Simeons was able to observe that as soon as pregnant women deliver their babies, they lose tremendous amount of weight. He has discovered through his researches that HCG transforms reserves of fats for placental nutrition. He concluded that if this hormone extracts fats to transform it for the baby’s benefit, this can definitely identify fat reserves and modify it into something more beneficial. Through eating a diet that promotes HCG hormone, it will only take effect on abnormal fats and therefore spare people from forming extra fat deposits on hips, stomachs and buttocks.

Sticking with HCG diet is not easy. For many who have tried this diet, it took them extra courage and perseverance to follow it. To help HCG dieters keep up with the required amount and consistency of meals, here are some tips to help you overcome temptations.

One suggestion is to be a fan of salads. We know for a fact that salads are plain in themselves. But, always remember the objective of the diet. You can eat as many salads, however, no dressings. You can actually order additional onions and tomatoes to add some taste.

Another suggestion is to learn to enjoy the meals. As they say, “all is in the brain”. It may be true that not all foods included in the diet are of our preference. But, put in your mind that the goal is bigger than what is happening today. And the often you take in this meals, the more your body will get used to it.