How to Relieve Lower Back Pain at Home Fast

There are so many reasons why so many of us suffer from lower back pain – we have the kind of jobs that require us to sit down to work and not move for hours on end leading to lack of muscle tone, and strength. Tips on how to treat back pain can depend on the underlying reason. Obesity is a huge contributing factor, as are unhealthy sleeping positions, making lower back pain something that all of us have endured at some or other point in our lives.


If the back pain is not severe but a dull nagging ache it could be that the problem has not been exacerbated very far; and treating back pain may be possible, using the following tips:

1. Sleep well

If you have the kind of backache that you wake up with and which eases as the day progresses; your mattress, pillow, or the way you sleep could be the reason for your back ache. Ideally a mattress should be comfortable without being too soft; adjust to your contours while also being firm. Your pillow should be the sort that lets your neck position itself at the right angle.

2. Sit well

Paying attention to good posture may be one of the one of the most significant ways how to treat back pain. Sitting in a ergonomically designed chair, with good back support, not slouching or leaning forward as you work, positioning you arms and legs properly are all important. If you have a sedentary job, incorporate brief breaks into your day, which involves getting up and moving around.

3. Stretching is good

Some physiotherapists advise that you do stretches for your back first thing in morning to free up muscles that have been immobile for hours. You can then repeat the stretches as required through the day; you can also do some stretches at your desk. Stretches should be optimal – enough to stretch the muscles and ligaments, but not so much that you strain them.

4. Massage helps

Massage may be an additional way to get relief from the pain and also reduce episodes of back aches and pains.

5. Apply ice or heat

Whether it is ice or heat application that works better to treat back pain may vary from person to person. You may want to try either to see what works better for you and in terms of reducing pain, any swelling and so on. Application of heat or cold can help you perform your stretches better so that you get the best out of them.

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