Speed up Your Hair Growth with These 3 Simple Tips

Hair is the important component that gives your personality a beautiful and great look. For an attractive face, a thick set of locks plays a vital role. In today’s busy life it is very difficult to take care of hair. But the need of thick and long hair is in everyone’s heart. Among women, it is the biggest question – how to grow the hair faster and longer. Here we are presenting some tips to make your hair thicker, longer and beautiful.

hair growth tips

1. Improve your eating habits

Your diet is somehow related to your hair. It should be balanced with protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamin A and B as well as zinc. You need to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, meat and fish.

Hair is made of protein so you must ensure that you are having proper intake of proteins. Fish, eggs, beans, nuts etc. helps in promoting healthy keratin production which are the building blocks of hair. Fats help in maintaining healthy hair and skin production. But you must ensure that you are having right kinds of fat. You should try to avoid saturated fats, trans fatty acids and hydrogenated facts.

Iron provides oxygen to the cells from toe to head. Meat is a good source of iron but if you are vegetarian you can have beans, lentils and soy products. Zinc helps in the repairing of your tissues. Vitamin C is necessary to absorb iron. Try to get enough intake of vitamin C.

2. Avoid styling that causes stress on hair

Styling your hair may give you a dashing look but in actual it is not good for your hair. The use of chemicals and cleansers lead to the thinning and damage of your hair. Some styles of hair result even worse than normal hair styles.

Repeated perm, crimp, curl, bleach or color, chemically or mechanically straightening, etc. causes severe damage to your hair.Excessive use of hair driers, flat iron form and heat cause damage to your hair. Over brushing and combing pulls out the hair from the scalp.

You should comb your hair when they get dry after washing. Use a wide toothed comb to manage your hair. Use hair tie instead of rubber bands to pin up the hair. Use a hairstyle that minimizes stress on your hair. You must ensure that you are using the good quality products for your hair.

Try not to wash your hair daily as it sucks out the natural oils from your hair. The products containing the ingredients like avocado, coconut, and olive must be used as they are healthy for hair and helps in retaining moisture and oils in your hair. It also minimizes split ends in your hair.

3. Overall good health means healthy hair too

Healthy and scheduled life is important for good health. It makes your hair healthy too. If your body has all the required nutrients, it helps in protecting and keeping your hair healthy. Surgeries and serious injuries also cause hair loss. A lot of stress results in hair damage. Jogging, swimming, weight lifting, walking, yoga and daily exercise helps in reducing the stress.